This is the solo CD of René Creemers and Pieter Douma (bass).

For many years René and Pieter constituted the rhythm section of the group by the name of Blowbeat. In 1997 they decided to collaborate on a CD featuring bass and drums ('just 'cause we liked to do that').

The CD contains ten pieces of music written by Pieter and René, which are all strongly different in melody, groove, sound and atmosphere. As a whole, however, the compositions on the CD form a unity all right. In terms of style designation this unity is best described as world music.

Music evolves, it knows of no blueprints. A sense of humor combined with a lack of self-importance, these are elements that can bring about a musical encounter. Which is exactly what happened to René Creemers and Pieter Douma. These two, apparently very different men, are able to stimulate each other both intellectually and emotionally thus evolving into a "special unit". Up until 5 years ago they were part of the legendary band Blowbeat, which frequently toured the West-European circuit. Later on René Creemers managed to make quite a name for himself by playing in all sorts of bands, projects and clinics while Pieter Douma decided to retire from playing in bands, if only for a while as he re-emerged on the scene in 1995. To the both of them the completion of this CD is quite literally "a dream come true".